Scarase consists of powerful systemic enzyme formula to treat the most severe scar tissues.

SCARASE Supplement Facts

Scarase Ingredients

Ingredient Amount per Serving Daily Value
Magnesium (Oxide) 33 mg 8%
Nattokinase (5000 FU/gm) 100 mg *
Serrapeptase (2000 SU/mg) 60 mg *
Bromelain (2000 GDU/gm) 60 mg *
Papain (from papaya) (2000 USP units/gm) 60 mg *
Lipase (2000 FCC/gm) 60 mg *
Protease (2000 FCC/gm) 60  mg *
Rutin Powder 34 mg *
Amla (4:1 extract) (fruit) 33 mg *
Coenzyme Q10 25 mcg *

*Daily Value Not Established.

Allergen Warning: Contains Milk and Soy.


What Are These Systematic Enzymes? How Do They Work?

Before we get to know these systematic enzymes, it is important to know what they have in common: They all help dissolve proteins. With that said, each systematic enzyme goes about dissolving proteins a different way.


Extracted from the stem of pineapples, this natural enzyme is actually composed of two similar enzymes together. Well known for its anti-inflammatory effects, bromelain also increases the conversion and production of plasmin, which is the body’s natural fibrin (protein)-dissolving enzyme. In addition, bromelain has been shown to help keep the blood’s viscosity (thickness) at an optimal level, which may help prevent heart attacks.


The term “lipase” comes from “lipid,” which is a medical term for fats. Lipase is an enzyme best known for its ability to break down fats, which is necessary for conversion into blood sugar. As our bodies age, this conversion becomes more and more difficult. Perhaps this is why it becomes harder and harder to lose weight as we age. Lipase supplementation can be beneficial in that it can help break down fat to convert into energy, all the while decreasing cholesterol levels and body weight.


Also a protein-dissolving enzyme, papain is extracted from the papaya fruit in Asia. Typically, this enzyme is highly involved in the digestive process that helps break down proteins and meats in the stomach, and it helps reduce swelling and inflammation in joints and wounds that can lead to immune-driven scar tissue formation. In addition, it has been suggested that papain can speed up recovery times from injury and wounds.


Well known for its anti-inflammatory and antifibrosis and antiscarring properties, protease is protein dissolving by nature. Recent discoveries have noted benefits for immune regulation (eg, reducing scar tissue production), inflammation reduction, and blood-viscosity regulation.


Derived from “natto,” a traditional Japanese soybean-based food eaten for more than 1,000 years, nattokinase has very strong anticlotting properties, thus promoting improved blood flow. Nattokinase can help speed up recovery times after surgery and reduce inflammation so that the risk of scar tissue formation is reduced.


Why Choose Scarase?

Created by Surgeons

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